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Principles of Vastu Planning

Principles of Vastu Planning

by Roger Audet

‚ÄčThis book describes the measurement system used in Maharishi Sthapatya Veda in terms of Group theory. The Vastu measurement system is based on the square and its eight levels of symmetry. Using the concepts of modern Group theory, deep principles at the basis of the measurement system are illustrated in a new light and explain the original significance of the Vedic measurement system. Measurement based on Vedic dimensions is an essential part of Vedic City Plannnig since all architecture requires precise dimensions.

Principles of Vastu Planning explains the origin of this Vedic measurement system. The second part of the book explains country planning according to natural law in a way which is most practical and beneficial for its people as introduced by world-renowed sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Country planning in accordance with natural law outlines the concept of a global grid based on latitudes and longitudes which is the basis of Vastu planning at every scale; housing, village, town, province and whole country. The smallest scale of planning eventually comes down to a square the size of a house where the convergence of longitudes can be ignored. This significance of the square is explained in the first part of the book.

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