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Celebrating Perfection in Education

This book offers the complete knowledge of how Maharishi Vedic Science(sm) brings fulfillment to ... | MORE

Inaugurating Maharishi Vedic University

In this book Maharishi presents the "definition and scope" of his Vedic Science(sm) including the ... | MORE

Maharishi University - Wholeness on The Move

Maharishi introduces the concept of automation in administration through the application of the ... | MORE

Maharishi Vedic University

Maharishi describes the knowledge in this book as "the beacon light of Vedic Civilization, ... | MORE

Teaching Principles derived from Maharishi's Bhagavad Gita

A beautiful book of teaching principles derived from the timeless wisdom contained in Maharishi's ... | MORE

Maharishi University of Management: Education for Enlightenment

This pictorial essay describes Maharishi's foundational principles for achieving higher states of ... | MORE

Summary of Scientific Research on the TM and TM-SIDHI Programs

For the past 40 years, scientists have been researching the benefits of the regular practice of ... | MORE

A Record of Excellence

How does a small school in Iowa grow to merit international acclaim? Ashley Deans explains how in ... | MORE

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