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Genetic Engineering: The Hazards

Genetic Engineering: The Hazards

By John Fagan, Ph.D.

Softcover, 192 pages

Published in 1995

In November 1994, molecular biologist Dr. John Fagan stunned the scientific community when he returned more than $600,000 in research grant money to the National Institutes of Health to protest against the rampant experimentation with genetic engineering. Dr. Fagan’s ethical stance has won the praise of leading scientists throughout the world. In this new book, Dr. Fagan gives a brilliant analysis of the dangers of genetic engineering. He also explains why he is giving up his research to focus on the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health(sm) program, a traditional and natural system of health care which Dr. Fagan believes holds the key to disease prevention and perfect health. Dr. Fagan is co-director of the Doctoral Program in Physiology, Biochemistry, and Cell Biology, and professor of physiology and biochemistry at Maharishi University of Management.

Dr. Fagan’s action is "remarkable for a researcher who had succeeded in one of the most productive and competitive scientific disciplines." - The Boston Globe



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