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Transcendental Meditation with Questions and Answers

Transcendental Meditation with Questions and Answers

By Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Softcover, 168 pages

Published in 2011

This beautiful and charming book is being released after more than 40 years being out-of-print. It consists of two parts. Part One is a talk on Transcendental Meditation given by Maharishi from March 1960 to mid 1961, when Maharishi held evening discourses in London, England. Part Two consists of questions addressed to Maharishi by audiences attending his lectures and the answers given by Maharishi.

Topics Include:

How All Things Have Their Origin in Absolute Bliss Consciousness
The Cure for Suffering
The Way to Realisation through the Absolute Consciousness Bliss-Attribute of the Divine
The Development of Higher Consciousness
Unfoldment of Latent Faculties
The Ultimate Goal of Transcendental Meditation
Timeless Tradition of Knowledge
On Faith and Religion and God Realisation
Mantra—A Specific Sound and Its Value
The Role of an Enlightened Master (Teacher or Guide)

"There is an ever-increasing state of chaos in the world; tension increases daily in the individual, in social life, in national affairs, and international relations. The great and urgent need is for something to re-establish harmony in the individual human being and to give him peace; only from such an inner peace can wisdom and happiness be born. All that we call wisdom today, all knowledge, the whole process of endless fact-gathering must utterly fail to satisfy the real needs of man; for these real needs are called happiness, understanding, and wisdom, and they are not vain and unworldly aspirations but man’s birthright." - Maharishi, 1961, London



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