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Consciousness and the Quantum: The Next Paradigm

by Robert Oates, Jr.

Quantum Mechanics in the Light of Maharishi’s Field Theory of Consciousness

In the dawn of the quantum era, several great physicists felt driven to consciousness-based pronouncements to explain the plain facts of quantum mechanics. But there was no theory of consciousness available to support their ideas. As a result, scientists across the 20th century defaulted back to the matter-based paradigm, which works fine for large-scale objects, but does not apply to the quantum realm of atoms and subatomic ‘particles’.

A detailed theory of consciousness—based on the traditional Vedic knowledge of consciousness, long preserved in Himalayan India—has been brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the most widely known scholar and teacher of the Vedic wisdom in recent times. The payoff is in the comparison of quantum mechanics with Maharishi’s field theory of consciousness. This comparison shows that the notorious quantum “conundrums,” inexplicable from the standpoint of an objective matter-based paradigm, are found to be natural and even necessary from a consciousness-based perspective. The goal of this book, therefore, is to help establish a consciousness-based paradigm—and, specifically, a field theory of consciousness.

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