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The Coherence Effect

Tapping into the Laws of Nature that Govern Health, Happiness, and Higher Brain Functioning

by Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Jay Marcus, and Chris Clark, MD

What keeps one person healthy, and not another? What makes one a high achiever, but not another? This book demonstrates that the key to both health and higher brain functioning is the coherent or orderly functioning of the brain and body.

The authors show that coherent functioning is not just a matter of chance or genetics, but can be systematically developed through the Transcendental Meditation program and Maharishi AyurVeda, the world’s oldest system of natural medicine. Western medicine applies the coherence principle through pharmaceuticals that seek to bring order where there is disorder. But for lasting health, we need to apply the principle to what keeps us healthy on a daily basis—to what we eat, how we digest our food, our sleep habits, and our meditation, exercise, and Yoga programs. The Coherence Effect is a practical guide to coherence-generating programs that have been shown in more than 600 scientific studies to result in health, happiness, and higher brain functioning.

The book is by Robert Keith Wallace, PhD (UCLA), whose research in Science and Scientific American introduced the West to the importance of meditation; attorney Jay Marcus; and Chris Clark, MD (Yale Medical School). The Foreword is by Tony Nader, MD, PhD, a neurologist and the international leader of the TM organizations in over 100 countries.

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