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The Healthy Brain Solution for Women over 40

by Nancy Lonsdorf MD

There's breakthrough medical news about memory for every woman over 40. While women are at greatest risk for Alzheimer's and cognitive decline, the latest research shows that memory loss in women is now preventable, even reversible, and the earlier you start, the better.

In this seminal book by Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, a pioneering integrative MD and expert in Maharishi AyurVeda and women's health, you will learn the underlying causes of Alzheimer's and how to identify and eliminate your personal vulnerabilities. You’ll revisit the risks and benefits of bioidentical hormones, when best to start- if at all- and when to stop, or not, based on the latest research and your personal preference. Discover your mind-body type and get personalized tips to balance your digestion, calm your nerves, energize and optimize your metabolism, cut your stress and sleep better---all based on the latest Alzheimer's research and evidence-based Ayurveda.

You'll be expertly guided in seven simple steps to cut your risk and sharpen your mind while you boost your overall health and vitality. An empowering, must-read guide to averting memory loss, feeling great and looking younger than you really are, for every woman over 40!

Softcover, 284 pages



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