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World-Class Brain

by Harald Harung, PhD and Fred Travis, PhD

The brains of those who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique are different. Research shows a greater integration that’s not present in most people. With one exception: world-class performers. Three studies have found that world-class athletes, professional classical musicians, and top managers tend to have greater brain integration compared to average performers. However, long-term practitioners of Transcendental Meditation actually have almost twice the brain integration of even the world-class performers

World-Class Brain is a short, readable book that explains what brain integration is and its correlation with higher levels of performance, higher levels of moral development, and greater frequency of peak experiences. This high level of brain function is associated with greater coherence, more relaxed wakefulness, and more efficient functioning of the whole brain.

The book presents many of the frequent peak experiences that the world-class performers have – often during their best performances – that are glimpses of the higher states of consciousness described in Maharishi Vedic Science. For example, the professional pianist Gonzalo Moreno from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in Norway noted “an incredible feeling of euphoria. I feel like the happiest person in the world.”

To further elucidate the nature of peak experiences, the book presents a study on individuals experiencing higher states of consciousness as a result of their long-term practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Notably, this experience includes a greatly expanded sense-of-self: “We ordinarily think of our self as this age; this color of hair; these hobbies. My experience is that my Self is a lot larger than that. It’s immeasurably vast on a physical level. It is not just restricted to this physical environment.”

The book – authored by researchers at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway and Maharishi International University, USA – also shows that brain integration is not only a benefit to the individual, but also to an organization, and even to the entire society.

“World-Class Brain is one of the best books on Transcendental Meditation I have read.” – Dr. Bruce Plaut, USA

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